about pertanzform

A two-day Showing, Feast, Ceremony, Commemoration, Gala for the Performing Arts.
A two-day meeting and exchange and a professional platform for the various forms of physical expression in and out of Berlin's performance scene.
A two-day inter-district, interdisciplinary event to bring performative arts into the heart of Wedding, open to all cultural communities, gender and people, to take up, continue and consolidate the cultural dialogue in the state of Berlin.

Pertanzform is an idea of ​​the choreographer Alessio Trevisani, conceived as a presentation space, a performative gallery and a thematic platform for visual arts, dance and theater. The project is an open space for exhibitionism. The first edition will take place March 2018 1st and 2nd for 6 hours ACTION in Berlin Wedding. The aim of the project is to conduct a visible thematic performative dialogue in Berlin, at which known, and not yet well-known performance artists can find a stage for performances and body installations and an appropriate space outside the institutional places in Berlin. Pertanzform will require at least 8 editions. 8 project topics elaborated under different forms and different disciplines, from the fine arts, music and performing arts to literature.
Methods, practices, theories and material from the body will be the guidelines for each of the 8 editions of the concept. The ritual body (for this current submission) is the 1. Edition of this platform.
1-The ritual body: The body as under-considered carrier and enabler of ritual action
Rituals are actions performed according to a precise process. They exist in all cultures. They give structure to the community and promote a feeling of togetherness.Social reality is largely produced through ritual actions and interactions. Since rituals are performed by humans and humans are corporeal beings, human bodies and bodies are fundamentally involved in shaping social reality. The central question about this first edition of Pertanzform is: To what extent do the rituals of bodies (practices) and the physicality of rituals contribute to the constitution and construction of social integration and life together?
PERTANZFORM 1st Edition is designed as an “open-access” project:inside and outside. This means that there are no closed doors at the beginning of the event. There won’t be no VIPs or waiting lists and visitors can freely walk through the different rooms and become part of the entire ritual, stroll around in the 2 large rooms and foyer of the TanzRaum Wedding, find in a performance, watch an installation or watch a performance or an artistic preparation for the later performance. It is a live art factory, in which apart from the static exhibition everything else is in a continuous manufacturing process. Doors will be open all the time, as long as a room can accommodate people. Art and culture should be shared, that’s why we do it. The audience is involved in the ritual of the program.
The motivation relies on a shared vision of the Gesamtkunstwerk, as if it were in the spirit of Joseph Beuys:
Only when we are together can we transcend our borders and make the seemingly impossible possible as pure enthusiasm. This is also the strength and fragility of the project, and therefore its beauty: it is a multicultural, international project in which people work and perform with heart and sweat.


  • Valentin Schmehl & Benjamin Langholz
  • Kenji Oi & Kosei Fukuda & Ypsilon
  • Mona Louisa-Melinka Hempel
  • Jannis Polyzos & Mundart
  • maeshelle west-davies
  • Till Mittasch & Yao Wei
  • Mayssan Charaffedine
  • Matteo Magnabosco
  • Maria Ladopoulos
  • Nolwenn Samson
  • Jonathan Kolski
  • Thomas Roth
  • Eva Leemans
  • Marie Chiotti
  • Babacar Top
  • Ana Cotoré
  • Todd Ford
  • Léon